System 5: Crack repair

System 5: Crack repair

How can screed cracks and artificial joints be permanently closed and friction sealed?

With UZIN KR 516.

Cracks and artificial joints must be closed prior to floor covering work. While artificial joints have been deliberately made in the surface, cracks represent damages which may have different causes. In both cases, the edges of the screed plates must be “sewn” together again to avoid subsequent markings in the surface of the floor covering.

Only 2-component products, capable of building high internal strengths in a short time, are suitable for the friction-sealed connection of the screed edges. The 2-component silicate resin UZIN KR 516 stands out in particular by its early strength which is reached extremely rapid. The curing time can be controlled by the amount of hardener added.

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UZIN KR 516 2-Component Silicate Resin

Versatile 2-component resin on base Silicate-PUR for the force-fit filling of screed cracks and joints as well as pouring, filling, bonding and repair of mineral-based substrates. For interior and exterior use.

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