System 3: Moisture Barrier System

System 3: Moisture Barrier System

How to seal against ground moisture and increased residual moisture in cementitious substrates?

With UZIN PE 460.

Long waiting times through moist substrates and the associated high drying costs present a problem especially with tight deadlines. The 2-component epoxy moisture barrier UZIN PE 460 is ideally suited not only for priming and reinforcing but also especially for sealing cementitious substrates to an max. residual moisture value of 6 – 7 CM-%.

The application safely seals very high moisture contents in concrete floors or cementitious screeds. Combined with the super-fast primer UZIN PE 280, a surface is created which presents an optimal bond to the subsequent levelling compound layer.

UZIN PE 460 2-Component Epoxy Primer-Sealer

Low-odour epoxy resin primer used as a moisture barrier up to 5 CM% on cement screeds or concrete. Also for strengthening porous or weak substrates or for creating reactive resin mortars in combination with special filler UZIN XS 3.2.

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