Germany's largest drug market chain, dm, continues its success strain further investing in the expansion of their network of store branches. With the new dm Market in Leonberg the commercial company sets another symbol toward customer and employee friendliness, modern appeal and sustainability.


Building type Shop and store fixture (International)
Area Install 930 m² PVC floor covering
Country Germany

The new store image on an area of 930 m² offers makes it easy for customers to find their way around and provides and open and friendly ambiance. User-friendliness is very important for the floor covering but also a long life cycle, hygiene and easy cleaning. The installation materials from UZIN ensure a load-bearing and time-saving floor construction as well as reliable installation.

The task.

For the newly constructed dm Market in Leonberg the flooring specialists of Kommerau GmbH from Schömberg were given the job to install 930 m² PVC floor covering quickly and precisely. "Because of the increasingly tight deadlines with new construction projects quick and time-saving solutions and reliable products become more and more important" says flooring expert, Friedemann Kommerau. As long-standing partner with floor installations at dm the experts relied on the sure installation materials from UZIN engineered for any demand. The requirements on floors in drug stores are high: They must withstand heavy wear, for example, through heavily loaded pallet trucks and heavy customer traffic. In addition, they must not show any openings and gaps for hygienic reasons; joints and seams should not be visible. All connections at the market in Leonberg therefore had to be worked very carefully and perimeter joints for acoustic insulation needed to be closed.

The challenge.

The tight time window required rapid, reliable subfloor preparation and installation. The problem consisted of the very uneven mastic asphalt screed which had been poorly sanded in many areas. The flooring experts first had to smooth this to create a plane surface required for the PVC installation. After all, the 2.5 mm thick floor covering required a perfectly prepared substrate without the minutest unevennesses. The door threshold to the storage room had to be furnished with steel anchor plates and also designed seamless and level using UZIN fast screed mortar.

The solution.

After cleaning through thorough sanding and vacuuming of the entire surface, the flooring installers applied the rapid dispersion primer UZIN PE 280 which serves as bonding agent for the subsequent levelling compound. Here, the installers decided on the low-tension gypsum-based levelling compound UZIN NC 110, which is characterised by excellent coverage, a very homogeneous and consistent surface appearance and accelerated setting. No tensions developed even with the required thickness of 3 to 8 mm while drying. Bonding of the floor covering with the dispersion-based adhesive UZIN KE 2000 S could therefore be started quickly. This classic with a revised recipe offers a shortened open time, which may represent a time savings of up to 20 minutes when installing PVC flooring. The floor covering can be laid on the adhesive bed much earlier and as a result the adhesives is distributed better; this makes the floor covering smoother and calmer. The universal wet and pressure sensitive adhesive as well as the primer and levelling compound have very low emission, and as member of the UZIN Ecoline family they are marked with the Blue Angel and Emicode EC 1 Plus.

The implementation.

"Thanks to the superb teamwork of the installation crew the total floor covering of 930 m² could be completed on time,” delights Jürgen Walter, flooring specialist at UZIN. The proven team from Kommerau floor coverings succeeded in implementing the project with solid, reliable craftsmen work and the sure and time-saving products from UZIN in a sovereign and professional manner. In addition, the environmentally compatible and low-emission installation materials were also able to contribute to sustainability, which plays an important role both for UZIN and dm. This is impressively demonstrated by various awards and quality seals for products and projects.

The result.

The conclusion by Friedemann Kommerau, who performs floor installation work at dm for roughly 20 years: "Our customer, dm drug market, is now able to further strengthen the Leonberg location with the newly opened market and in turn, offer its customers its broad product range in an appealing and modern ambiance."

Products used

UZIN KE 2000 S Universal wet and pressure sensitive adhesive

Dispersion adhesive for all common resilient coverings, textile coverings, wall coverings and UZIN insulation/installation underlays

  • short waiting time
  • excellent application properties
  • good grab with stringing

UZIN PE 280 Super Fast Primer

Dispersion-based primer with carbon technology for non-absorbent substrates

  • ready mixed
  • film-forming
  • ideal for dense substrates
  • also suitable for wall applications
  • for fast construction

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools