UZIN U 3000 Universal tackifier

Water-soluble dispersion tackifier for PVC and textile coverings

    • Easier to release than fully bonded, saves costs during later renovation


    • For most types of textile and PVC backed carpet tiles and dimensionally stable LVT
    • On access flooring and raised flooring panels
    • On absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
    • On suitable, intact, existing floor coverings, e.g. PVC flooring
    • In rented accommodation, domestic and lightweight project locations


    • Application by roller or notched trowel
    • Easy to release on dense surfaces
    • As a wet-bond or pressure-sensitive adhesive
    • Interior use only
    • Solvent-free


      Technical data

      *At 20 °C and 65% relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate, as well as the bonding method.

      Plastic bucket

      Shelf life

      min. 12 months

      Colour liquid/dry



      50 - 100 g/m² / roller application

      Working temperature

      min. 15 °C at floor level

      Open time

      10 - 45 minutes*

      Working time

      15 - 120 minutes*

      Set to traffic

      after 24 hours*

      Final strength

      after 3 days*

      sealing/filling joints

      after 24 hours*

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