UZIN RR 185 Stabilising underlay / Sheet Membrane*

Flexible, loose-laid, stabilising and damp-proofing underlay

  • Adhering new floor coverings to UZIN RR 185 without damaging existing floors


Main area of application:

  • Removable installation of textile, PVC and cushioned vinyl floor coverings
  • Barrier against moisture on screeds with high residual moisture

Extended area of application:

  • Renovating old oily substrates
  • Sealing in outdoor areas combined with the codex Balkudrain or codex BalkuSlim system

Suitable for use on:

  • all adequately level and firm substrates
  • old and new floors, e.g. PVC-/ cushioned vinyl floor coverings, linoleum, wood flooring, stone and ceramic floors such as coated floors
  • substrates not ready for covering, e.g. oily substrates or screeds with high residual moisture
  • for residential and industrial areas as well as fair construction areas
  • for traffic from chair castors according to DIN EN 12 529

*Sealing in the BalkuRapid system


  • Low build-up height
  • Stabilising, lies flat
  • Impermeable and non-absorbent
  • Easily to remove
  • Suitable for water and wet cleaning processes
  • For interior use*

*see product data sheet


    Technical data

    * According to DIN 53 504.


    Roll weight

    approx. 62.5 kg

    Area weight

    1.25 kg/m²

    Material thickness

    approx. 1.2 mm



    Tensile strength*

    200 N/mm²

    Strain at breaking*

    5 %

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