UZIN RR 181 Comfort underlay

Self-adhesive, removable, insulating underlay for textile floor coverings

  • Self-adhesive, quick to install, saves time


Main area of application:

  • All kinds of textile floor coverings
  • Increases underfoot and ambient comfort
  • Impact sound and heat insulation

Extended area of application:

  • Manufacturing an installation underlay that can easily be removed

Suitable on/for:

  • all level absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • floors, e.g. PVC/cushioned vinyl floor coverings, linoleum, stone and ceramic floors such as coated floors
  • normal traffic in residential areas
  • wet shampoo and spray extraction cleaning


  • Self-adhesive underside
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Excellent lay-flat properties
  • Ideal surface for adhesives
  • Suitable for wet cleaning processes
  • Impact sound and heat insulating
  • Improves underfoot and ambient comfort
  • For interior use


    Technical data

    * According to DIN 52 210, without floor covering. ** According to DIN 52 612.


    Roll weight

    approx. 25 kg

    Area weight

    850 g/m²

    Material thickness

    approx. 6.5 mm



    Acoustic insulation improvement

    27 dB*

    Thermal resistance

    0.15 m²K/W**

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