SuperTape 7900 High-performance installation tape for edges and seams

High-performance switchTec® High-performance adhesive for installing textile floor coverings

  • Keep dirt off hands, clothing, and tools
  • No open time
  • For odourless floor installation


For reinforcing edges and seams during Sigaway surface installation
Main area of application:
Textile floors

  • Textile floor coverings with fleece backing, synthetic double-layered backing, textile secondary backing, latex foam backing
  • Carpet tiles with bitumen, fleece, or PVC
  • Kugelgarn®

Suitable for use on:

  • Textile floor coverings with loops where strips of adhesive must cover the entire backing of the floor covering, velours
  • Curly velours
  • Needle punch floor covering


  • Quick and easy processing
  • Does not become brittle, bonds securely and permanently
  • Floor covering immediately ready for foot traffic and loads


    Technical data

    * At 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity.


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