Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor Preparation

Moisture Barrier

UZIN PE 400 Dispersion Moisture Barrier

Blocking dispersion primer on base polyvinyl chloride, for moisture-resistant cement screeds, up to a maximum residual moisture value of 3 CM%.

UZIN PE 460 2-Component Epoxy Primer-Sealer

Low-odour epoxy resin primer used as a moisture barrier up to 5 CM% on cement screeds or concrete. Also for strengthening porous or weak substrates or for creating reactive resin mortars in combination with special filler UZIN XS 3.2.

UZIN PE 480 NEW 2-Component Epoxy Moisture Barrier

Pure epoxy resin with very high Quality, developed particularly for substrates that must be quickly brought to a condition ready fo covering. Hardens even on wet substrates.

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