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Office and administration building Siemens Munich

New office and administration building

  • Building Type: Commercial Building
  • Pad: tile floor coverings
  • Solution: Fast-Track Installation Systems
  • Brand: UZIN
  • Country: CHINA

Office and administration building Siemens Munich

New office and administration building
Fit for Feng Shui

Ulm, August 2003 – A new office and administration building in Munich-Neuperlach is currently under construction and it will cost 180-million dollar – it´ll be the first in Europe, which is built according to the requirements of Feng Shui. There are three six-story main buldings being built which are connected through enclosed bridges to additional five-story buildings and the administrative headquarter of Bosch Siemens AG will be based their. The total floor area will be 26,000 square meters of base and 56,000 square meters of floor area. Bosch Siemens AG, Germany will accommodate your headquarters. The overall architectural design is significantly characterized by the central halls with its character of glazed, weatherproofed exterior areas.

Business Feng Shui means that office and administrative buildings with a high vitality are able to promote creativity, joy and health. This will lead to better business results. This will be achieved through interior design (appearing more attractive to customers), observance of interior and seating arrangements in the conference area up to the optimization of chosen furniture and colors. With the support of Feng Shui the whole building, the room arrangement and equipment setting are brought into line. All corridors and offices have rounded corners, to ensure that all employees and visitors to achieve a harmonious atmosphere in the Bosch Siemens.

The two laying teams from Böhmler and Knöller are working together in a staff collective for the first time and facing two common challenges: to find the right floor construction that matches the overall orientation of Feng Shui and to manage the logistics - at least there have to be laid approximately 1,000 square meters a day.

Challenge 1:
For the system structure, the planners decided to use a textile-covering adhesive out of the eco-line range from Uzin to match the overall orientation of Feng Shui. The eco-line series was already introduced on the market in 1996 and it correlated with the changing of environmental concerns the population had and triumphantly entered the craft sector, trade and final consumers. Uzin eco-line are provided as a system tested installation materials, focused on odorless behavior and clean indoor air.

Challenge 2:
The staff collective of the companies Böhmler and Knöller are facing a huge challenge regarding to the procurement laying 41,000 square meters in just eight weeks. In addition to the tight schedule, Manfred Plechinger Project Manager of Böhmler and Rolf Hermes CEO of Knöller, also have to manage the logistic problem: Approximately 2,000 square meters of construction chemical products and corresponding coverings have to be supplied to the construction site in Munich every 2 days.

Perspective business Feng Shui
A thousands of years old teaching, which offers many prospects for the future: It takes place in modern China and in many Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, there will be still no public building made without matching the Feng Shui orientation. This tradition is more and more transferred on the architecture and interior design of corporate offices and corporate buildings in Europe and the USA: Thus the Bosch Siemens Headquarter in Munich was built in the overall orientation of Feng Shui.

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